Shopping Guide: 5 Frisky Staff Sunscreen Recs

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Though my rather pale skin these days would suggest otherwise, I was dark as hell as a kid. In the summer, people routinely asked if I was adopted (read “kidnapped”). Probably out of paranoia that someone would report the white lady with the stolen foreign child to the authorities, my mom was a big believer in dousing me in sunscreen during the summer. Her liberal use of Bullfrog — a style of sunscreen so thick that it felt like glue was being applied to my body — almost put me off the stuff for life. In an effort to put the trauma behind me and adopt healthier sunscreen habits, I’ve conferred with Frisky contributors far more experienced than I in the ways of sun protection. Susannah and Wendy say Neutrogena’s oil-free formula is the stuff of dreams. Click through for more recommendations. [$10, Neutrogena,]
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