Rielle Hunter Tries To Prove What A Private Person She Is On Oprah

Rielle Hunter really wants us to know what a PRIVATE person she is. The best way to do that? An interview with Oprah of course. Yet oddly, her little chat with the Big O seemed anything but private. Like when she admitted that she felt like she did nothing wrong by having an affair with John Edwards claiming, “I followed my heart and I believe it was the right thing to do.” That’s some advanced morality right there. I was also cringing when she explained her intention in getting involved with Edwards. She felt in her heart that she could help him “see his authentic self” and “be more of his authentic self so people could see who he really is.” That just makes her sound so arrogant and clueless.The most uncomfortable moment though was her really unconvincing ploy to persuade us that her sex tape was never meant to be discovered. I mean, come on. Riddle me this: if you are so private, why make a sex tape in the first place? “There is a sex tape,” she said, “I don’t think there was a lot of thought going on in the heat of the moment. It was a–you know, something behind closed doors that was private and I believe should remain private. So it was–it was meant for that. And then after the fact, though, of doing this, because of being a public person and because of it being taped, we said, ‘Well, that was not a great idea. Let’s do something to prevent anyone from seeing it, because we don’t want anyone to see our private business.” Then she went on to describe her lame attempt to destroy her really private sex tape by cutting it. Check out the clip above. Hmmm. If you don’t want anyone to see your really illicit sex tape, you smash the sucker. I just wasn’t buying it. The word that comes to mind? LIAR.

And one more fun discovery to further kill Hunter’s credibility. She was a contestant on the game show LINGO. In this clip she tries to win big by spelling words and shuffling balls. [Insert joke here.] An interesting move for a non-fame seeking, non-gold digging, terribly private person.

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