Put Away Your Ouija Boards, The Magic 8-Ball Is Getting A Movie

The Magic 8-Ball can now tell all the other fortune-telling toys that made fun of it to go suck it, because 8-Ball is about to get its own movie. Paramount recently announced that as part of their continuing deal with toymaker Mattel, the all-knowing 8-Ball will be the next toy to get the Hollywood treatment. The studio was eager to continue to work with Mattel due to the success of the “Tranformers” and “G.I Joe” movies. I understand that the money brought in on hocking childhood memories is alluring, but why the 8-Ball next? The previous toy films featured playthings that had personality, things you were suppose to make believe are animate. The 8-Ball is just a kitschy piece of plastic and hasn’t really been given an identity outside of that. It has helped millions of people understand the legitimacy of their middle school crush, but it is hard to imagine a film just based on people trying to make out vague messages through squirmy blue liquid. The studio and those involved with the project have yet to unveil any details about the movie except that it will be a live action film and that a script is in the works.

I suppose the only place to go for more info about the film is the 8-Ball itself. I asked mine if the movie would be a success. Its response? “My sources say no.” Not very self-confident, eh? [Deadline New York]