Kardashian Sisters Design Swimwear for Strippers

The fashion event we’ve all been waiting for is only 10 days away, people. That’s right, the Kardashian sisters’ swimwear line is available May 10th! Get excited! Make some noise! Oh, what’s that? You’re not a stripper? Nevermind then, you probably aren’t going to want to wear any of the overpriced styles the three Kardashians have come up with. Kim’s relatively simple bikinis were actually the most manageable, but her sisters couldn’t keep things under control. First up is Khloe (above), who figured that regular S&M swimwear wasn’t exciting enough. Obviously, she had no choice but to remedy the boredom with faux snake-print straps that crisscross all over the wearer’s body. If a kinky swimsuit isn’t so much your thing, check out Kourtney’s awkward, teal zebra-printed monokini. God bless the girl for realizing that black and white zebra wasn’t ridiculous enough. [People]