Historical Tweets: What Famous People Throughout History Might Have Tweeted

Despite it’s total lack of profitability, Twitter has had a huge impact on society. Protests are organized in a matter of minutes, we get up-to-date coverage of major events, and perhaps most importantly, we now know the inner thoughts of our favorite celebrities. But what if Twitter had always existed? What if famous people throughout history had been able to update their status? Would history books be a lot shorter? Would our language have been dumbed down into indistinguishable acronyms? Well, Historicaltweets.com asked just that question … kinda. They take historical events, and write tweets to correspond with them. My favorites are Abraham Lincoln’s (@Honest Abe) tweets that include, “Anyone got a more creative way of saying ’87 years'” and “Gr8 show tonite. the Ford is the perfect venue for AAAAARRGH!!” I also kinda enjoyed Molly Brown’s (@M0llyBr0wn), “My drink’s STILL warm. what’s a girl gotta do to get some ice around here? #titanicfail” Of course, the site got a book deal for Historical Tweets: The Completely Unabridged and Ridiculously Brief History of The World, because that’s how it works even though people can totally read it on the internet. What historical figures would you want to follow?