And The Prize Goes To … The Best Advice For Living Eco-Friendly

Last week we asked you to share your best advice for living eco-friendly in exchange for The Frisky cotton tote bag. You all gave us some really awesome advice that we totally plan to add to our daily routine. We hope you all learned something too. See which readers had the best advice, though, after the jump.bwat

“I am a super-fan of bike riding… I only live a few miles from work and try to ride to work often (especially now that the weather is nice and I don’t have to worry about getting “slushed” by passing cars). I have a great backpack that I can put all my essentials (outfit, shoes, and bag) in, strap it on, hook it around my waist, then I can change quick in the bathroom when I get to work.

If I get ambitious, I take off for work a bit early and take the scenic route to work. If I can mix a quick work-out into the day by the time I get to work, I feel great the whole rest of the day – and I help save the environment!!

Eco-friendly and looking fabulous? Yes, please :)”

Katie M

“I walk, bike, skip everywhere I need to go when it is an option. I use reusable bags at all stores that i go to and I carry it all when I forget them :) I turn all the lights of when its sunny outside and when I leave a room, I don’t leave the water running when I am brushing my teeth or when I am doing dishes, compost and garden, grow your own food and spices, when you become too tall for your jeans make them cute shorts, reuse clothes by being inventive, left overs can usually be combined into a never before seen soup that actually isn’t usually half bad. Rain water should be collected and used in as many ways as possible, pick up liter when ever you see it on the ground, its handy to have some gloves in your bag, for many more reasons than one. Not showering everyday, first of all is good for your hair, second of all good for the earth :) Buy organic, buy recyclable goods, use glass instead of plastic containers because it takes forever for plastic to break down. Have a cousin? sister? stylish friend or relative? trade clothes when you are feeling bored of your wardrobe, its fun and it makes you start to miss your clothes just in time to get them back with no wasted money or product! Also never throw anything out that can be useful to someone else, donations are easy and then you are guilt free for throwing out your clutter. Bring your lunch, use cloth napkins, never buy plastic if you can avoid it. Buy a coffee to-go mug and most coffee shops will gladly put your coffee in that instead of in a disposable cup. Try not to by things catered to your convenience, those items tend to be wasteful and are banking on human nature’s laziness. Hope things little tidbits help someone :)”


“Shower with someone!”


“Two favorite tips:

1) Put a brick in the water tank of your toilet. It raises the water level so everytime you flush, the toilet uses less water. 

2) Put vodka into a spritzer bottle and spritz your “nice” clothes in between wears. The vodka rids clothing of smell and freshens it up. Less washes means less water usage and less chemicals from detergents running into our ecosystem.”


“Even Heloise tells us that vinegar is good for a lot around the house. But I’ve switched completely and now I use it for everything–no more chemicals around the house! Think of all the toxic smelly dangerous things you use in your kitchen, in your bathroom…all those chemical companies that pollute our water and land. But if you give ‘em the boot, it’s a huge impact. 
At first the smell bothered me, but a quick second wipe with a cloth rinsed in water solves that problem. On top of all that, vinegar is SO much cheaper than chemical cleaners. Another added bonus: I never ever have to worry about my daughter getting into dangerous chemicals or potions hidden away under the sink!”

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