Sunglasses That Double As A Wha?

Everyone loves a product with multiple uses. Lip gloss with SPF is awesome for keeping your pucker hydrated and safe from summer rays. Shampoo and conditioner in one is key for those who are just too lazy or busy to extend their shower time. But the latest in double duty is just a teensy bit out there on the weird scale. Chanel produced a pair of tortoise shell sunglasses that also serve as a way to untangle your locks. Yes, that’s right–sunglasses that double as a comb. They’re reminiscent of those shutter shades everyone was rocking last year, and a little too Kanye West for my taste. After all, if I’m buying Chanel, I want to feel classy. But when you think about it, this designer piece is really only half the price given its two uses. Are you sold? [The Gloss]