Style 911: How Do I Pull Off Sparkly Clothing?

I want to buy a few sparkly pieces but I’m not sure how to wear them without looking tacky. Any ideas? — Melanie

Ahh, yes, the age-old “how much shine is too much shine” conundrum. We know it well. A general rule of thumb when wearing sequins and sparkles is to make sure you’re confining the shine to one piece rather than spreading it all up over your outfit. I can’t tell you how many girls we see in sequined dresses, silver shoes, and too much jewelry just begging to be photographed and made fun of. Take the jump for suggestions that’ll keep you looking classy in your sequins, not trashy.
If you want to work a full-on sequined dress, choose one that’s not overly shiny. This dress, for example, sparkles but also has a matte quality to it. (Notice how it’s also not essentially lingerie? That’s a good thing). Keep in mind that you can keep the sequins a little more low-key with a top or skirt. [Selected Femme Dress, $60, ASOS; Gryphon Tank, $89,]

Layer a cropped jacket on top of a sequined dress to temper the intensity. We’re fans of leather and leather-esque materials for this job. [$33, Forever21]

You don’t have to skip jewelry entirely, but make it more edgy than girly. And if you’re wearing sparkles on top, try a cuff instead of a necklace. [Michelle Roy Cuff, $105, Max & Chloe]