Sandra Bullock’s Tactics For Hiding Baby Louis

With Sandra Bullock’s baby revelation yesterday, one question keeps coming to mind—how, exactly, does one conceal a baby for three months, especially while under the intense scrutiny of Oscar buzz and mega-scandal curiosity? Yes, she did drop some serious hints. In her Oscar speech, she thanked “all the moms who take care of babies and children no matter where they come from,” but we all assumed she was talking about (a) the character she played in “The Blind Side” and (b) the fact that she’s become a step-mom to Jesse James’ kids. Apparently, on one awards season red carpet, a lime green baby sock popped out of her bag. Someone just picked it up and gave it back to her without a second thought.

So how did she do it? It wasn’t easy. Step one, she told very few people about the adoption, only inviting her inner most circle to Louis’ bris. She even managed to convey to her stepchildren how important it was for them not to let the secret slip.

Step two, she let no one in her house—even stylists getting her ready for awards shows. She didn’t even tell her makeup person, who commented that they didn’t understand why she always needed “copious amounts of concealer” to cover up her under eye bags.

Step three, she also resorted to tactics like decoy cars to attract paparazzi attention while she left with the baby.

Step four, as soon as the Michelle McGee scandal broke, she whisked herself and the baby to Austin, where she has a home and a business, but where paparazzi are far less likely to stalk her. She also chose to start divorce proceedings there, slipping past the public eye by filing under her initials, backwards.

The biggest question, though, is how no one who came into contact with Sandra and Louis—folks at the adoption agency, the rabbi who conducted the bris, the staff of the plane that flew her to Austin, etc., etc., etc., managed to not let such a big secret out of the bag. Presumably, it’s because people genuinely like Sandra and rather than getting glee out of being in the know they wanted to save her from further media trauma.

“I don’t know how we got away with it,” Sandra told People.

So what do you think? Do you think this whole thing will inspire celebs to try to live more on the sly? [USA Today]