Disturbing Trend: Mother/Daughter Plastic Surgery

As we saw on “The Hills” this week, there is no way in hell that Heidi Montag’s mom would’ve joined her on the operating table. But apparently, lots of mother/daughter pairs are getting plastic surgery together. Prime example, Christie Brinkley and daughter Alexa Ray Joel, the new Prell girl. Alexa checked in to have a nose job earlier this month and Christie checked in for (people think) a facelift the next day. A spokesperson for the family said, “Alexa had breathing difficulties due to a deviated septum and decided to correct the appearance of her nose at the same time. As far as Christie is concerned, she was at Lenox Hill to support her daughter, and throughout her career people have speculated that she’s done this or that, which she always chooses to take as a compliment.” Riiiiight. And her face just happens to look much younger now. [NY Post]

But these two aren’t nearly the only ones doing it. Last year, on the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” mother Lynn got a facelift, browlift and necklift while her daughter Raquel got her nose downsized. Later in the season, Tamra Barney took her mom to get $15,000 worth of work done. And “Dr. 90210″ also did an episode with a mother-daughter pair who got surgery together. [Beverly Hills Liposuction]

Two years ago, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that there had been a 34 percent increase in the number of people getting surgery with a partner—be it a couple, sisters, or a mother-daughter pair. One dancer who got surgery with her mom said, “I definitely am closer to my mom because of it. It is traumatic. It is a big change.” [Signature Forum]

All this to say—isn’t this a little strange? Instead of getting surgery together, maybe mothers and daughters could assure the other that they are beautiful and splendid just the way they are?