Cool Or Confusing: Balenciaga’s Play-Doh Heels

We make allowances for certain things from our childhood to revisit our wardrobes, but we’re not sure if Play-Doh fits in. These heels from Balenciaga’s spring collection are inspired by Play-Doh and made out of a crazy mixed material meant to resemble the kids’ toy. What’s in it? Melted strips of different colored leathers (we didn’t even know you could melt leather, but OK), which are then laser-compressed and hardened. Funnily enough, designer Nicolas Ghesquière was quoted describing his shoes as “like Play-Doh,” which got misinterpreted, leading some people to believe they’re actually made out of the smushy dough.

What do you think of this Balenciaga bootie? Play-Do? Or Play-Don’t? [TrendHunter,]