A Couple Gets Married In A Hospital

Yesterday, I read Wendy’s post on how to get your wedding announcement in The New York Times and followed a link to Offbeat Bride, where brides who think outside the box showcase their unique weddings. But far and away the most special, and moving, wedding I saw was that of Rebekah, a designer and “wannabe entomologist,” and Shayne, a computer programmer. Their wedding took place last November in Manhattan’s Beth Israel Hospital a week after Shayne was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. There wasn’t much time to plan for the ceremony, and Shayne was a patient in the hospital, so it was up to Rebekah to put the wedding together. The bride wore a ruffled white top, and they both wore jeans and matching gray Converse sneakers with pink laces, which they got because they thought they wouldn’t be able to get wedding rings in time (they ended up buying rings at a small jewelry store across the street).

Instead of the bride taking the groom’s last name, they “intertwined the first two letters of [her] last name (Meek) and the last two of his (O’Neill) to come up with Miel.” Miel means “honey” in French and Spanish, and the couple already had matching honeybee tattoos, so it fit. They high-fived at the altar. Afterward, Rebekah realized, “We were now a team, which meant we could get through anything.” They hadn’t planned on getting married until marriage was legal for all, but getting married gave Rebekah access to Shayne’s medical records and ensured they would have continuous health coverage.

Looking through their sweet and quirky wedding slide show, I noticed that the bride, who was wearing a sleeveless top, hadn’t shaved her armpits for the ceremony. I pointed this out to a coworker, who responded, “Gross!” But I think finding someone who’ll marry you, regardless of how shaved you are or aren’t, or, you know, if you’re sick in the hospital, is pretty awesome.

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