10 Young Loves That Moved Super Fast

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Miley Cyrus is becoming a big girl as she approaches her 18th birthday in November. She is ditching Disney, which means leaving behind the insane money maker that is “Hannah Montana,” to move on to more serious roles. By serious roles I assume this means more crazy lip acting, a la “The Last Song.” Miley is also going to be moving in to her own house. Now rumors are arising that 20-year-old boyfriend Liam Hemsworth may be joining Miley in her “Zen Den.” Liam and Miley have already been shacking up at her mom and dad’s house, on parent-approved sleepovers, but now things may be becoming a little more legit. Along with the news about Liam moving in with Miley, there is also gossip that the couple is planning to tie the knot as soon as Miley is legal. Now I know the couple claims they are deep, but does this understanding equal instant matrimony? All the chatter has people wondering if Miley’s relationship is moving too fast. [Star Pulse/Celebrity-Mania]

Miley is far from the first to have the progression of her young love questioned. Take a look at some celebrities who decided true love didn’t need to wait and made some big decisions when they were barely legal.

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