10 Ways Jake Pavelka Could Extend His 15 Minutes Now That He’s Off “Dancing With The Stars”

Last night, Jake Pavelka was ousted from “Dancing with the Stars,” ending his run on three ABC reality shows in a row. Maybe he should’ve undone a few more buttons? Oh wait. Anyway, today, he appeared on “GMA” to talk to George Stephanapoulos about it. Of course, Jake says that the “Dancing” experience has only made him and Vienna stronger. “Vienna has been amazing,” he said. “She’s been a cornerstone through all of this — cooking me breakfast every morning, she brings Chelsie and I lunch a lot of times — and I owe her big. She put her life on hold for me to do this and so I’m going to go romance my bride.”

Earlier this year, an ex accused Jake of being voraciously fame-hungry. And he gave a rather cryptic answer when asked if he was going back to flying. “You know what, flying, no matter what happens, will always be a huge part of my life,” he said. “You never know what door God’s going to open, but right now the plan is to fly airplanes.” [Reality TV World]

But the man has two hands—why not open some doors on his own? After the jump, 10 ideas Jake should consider to stay in the public eye.

  1. Plan a whirlwind wedding with Vienna, stat, and make sure that, like Jason and Molly’s, it’s a fantasy wedding that goes down in prime-time.
  2. Conversely, he could decide that “the chemistry has changed” with Vienna and call a special “Bachelor” special where he dumps her and begs Tenley to take him back.
  3. Even better, he could announce that he’s really in love with his dancing partner, Chelsie Hightower, and that they’re going to do a reality TV show together called “Two-Stepping In Love.”
  4. Barring that, he could develop a crack addiction and go on “Celebrity Rehab.”
  5. Or maybe take his new-found dance skills and audition for that other dancing show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”
  6. Or start a crew—preferably other “Bachelor” contestants—and be the first celebrity offering on “America’s Best Dance Crew.”
  7. Jake likes to cook. Perhaps a spot on “Top Chef”? Or a concept show called “The Flying Chef” where he cooks dishes you could make on a plane.
  8. He could always go for a spot on the next “Surreal Life.”
  9. Or ditch Vienna and start dating one of the cast members of “The Hills” or “The City.” He and Whitney Port perhaps? Yes, that would be far less interesting than watching paint dry.
  10. Audition for a superhero movie.

Do you think Jake’s next move will be one toward Hollywood? What should he do now?