Today In Stupidity: Gay Dog Discrimination

Every now and then, we come across a story so absurd that it’s almost hard to figure out where to begin with mocking it mercilessly. So here goes: A restaurant in Australia called Thai Spice has been fined $1400 for refusing to seat a blind man and his guide dog. The restaurant has a sign in the window that says guide dogs are welcome, so what was the issue? The hostess thought the dog, named Nudge, was gay. Evidently, he didn’t understand the blind man’s thick Australian accent and thought he was saying “gay dog” rather than “guide dog.” The restaurant explained, “The staff genuinely believed that Nudge was an ordinary pet dog which had been desexed to become a gay dog.”

Uh, really? That’s their excuse. Who cares if the dog was gay? Can dogs even be gay? I really don’t care if Nudge was wearing Elton John platforms, a pink sequined jumpsuit, and humming Judy Garland songs. Make the gay dog discrimination stop.