Proven Fact: Justin Bieber Inspires Violence

I haven’t quite figured out what it is about that little Bieber boy that causes his fans to turn into violent psychos. Yes, he “looks” like a lesbian with his perfectly coiffed hair that falls effortlessly over one eye, but is he really riot-worthy? Last night in New Zealand, a mob of tweens greeted him at the airport by stealing his hat and bulldozing his poor mother to the ground. Come on, kids. He can’t be that boink-able. [Huffington Post]

After the jump, some more violent Bieber incidents.

  • There was mass hysteria down under just a few days ago at a Bieber concert in Sydney. He had to cancel the gig after fans were crushed and trampled. Ten girls fainted and had to be treated by the paramedics. [Adelaide Now]
  • Last month Justin Bieber had to leave his own record release party at New York’s Lucky Strike bowling alley. Security advised him to leave even though he wanted to stay and bowl. [NY Post]
  • Back in November, 3,000 fans rioted at a Long Island mall where Justin was set to put on a free concert. Arrests were made, people were hospitalized, and Bieber had to be escorted out by security because it was deemed too unsafe to perform. If he had appeared, they probably would have had to bring in the National Guard. His manager was even arrested for criminal nuisance and reckless endangerment for not providing proper security for the event. Authorities felt that he should have Tweeted a cancellation. [The Dead Bolt]
  • Panic on the streets of Philly! Justin Bieber fans caused a riot during an appearance at Philadelphia’s Q102 radio station. He had to be whisked away in van while tweens screamed, pushed, and pulled his hair. [4tnz]