Michael Lohan’s Twitter Claimed Lindsay Lohan Has HIV

More from Michael Lohan’s Father Of The Year files: yesterday tweets were sent from Michael Lohan’s Twitter account claiming his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, is HIV positive.

Uh, that’s not something you play around with, people. Lindsay denies she’s got the deadly virus and tweeted, “He’s a grown man and has done the exact same things on TV/interviews, [so] why wouldn’t he lie on Twitter, and everywhere else!” But Michael Lohan claimed his Twitter account was hacked and vowed to bring the hacker to justice. He’s even half-seriously fingering Perez Hilton as the hacking suspect, saying he would want to “stir up trouble.” Michael Lohan also proved himself to be a bigot in addition to a crap dad, calling Perez a “sausage jockey” and tweeting “U R the one who is likely to get AIDS!”

Ugh. Whatever. Considering this is the father who burst into his daughter’s apartment with the Los Angeles Police Department last week and immediately hightailed it to the gossip site TMZ to blab about it, I don’t really believe a word he says.

Poor, poor Lindsay. [New York Post, TMZ.com]