In A New Memoir, Laura Bush Alleges The Bushes Were Poisoned On Germany Trip

Former First Lady Laura Bush is not known for saying anything too controversial or even interesting. But holy moly, does her forthcoming memoir, Spoken From The Heart, sound like a juicy read! According to The New York Times, Laura Bush will finally open up about the incident when she killed a high school friend in a car crash at age 17 and even defend President Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina. But the most interesting part of Laura Bush’s memoir, which is to be released in May, is when she alleges that she, President George W. Bush, and several members of their staff were poisoned on a trip to Germany for a G8 Summit. Yes, poisoned. That’s some really cloak-and-dagger stuff right there. Laura Bush writes that the Secret Service investigated a potential poisoning after everyone became mysteriously sick and President Bush was confined to bed for part of the time. All they could conclude, however, was that everyone in the American delegation might have contracted the same virus.

By including it in her memoir, though, I’m assuming the former First Lady doesn’t buy that explanation. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, but it’s still scary to think about. [NY Times]