Fashion Blogger Bryan Boy “Traumatized” By Overzealous Fan

Le sigh. It’s, like, so hard being a fashion blogger because once you become totally webfamous then you have to deal with all of your psycho fans. For the most part, Bryan Boy is really enjoying his fashion fame. On taking pics with fans, he says, “I don’t mind it at all. It’s fun! Although I don’t consider myself as a legitimate ‘star’ or ‘celebrity’ … ”

However, he’s recently had a run in with a follower who really crossed the line…

“Last night, I had a very unpleasant experience with a reader at an event I hosted. When he asked to take a photo with me, I obliged. Like what I said, it’s fun. When he started doing these crazy poses I was like ‘oh wow, he sure is werqing it whatevs’ so I just stood there and let him bask in his “ferociousness”. I’m not selfish; I’m all for letting other people enjoy their moment. A few seconds later, lo and behold he grabbed my face with his hand — and he’s no small guy — he grabbed my face and then he pulled me towards his cheek and his ear. I escaped by politely telling him “excuse me”, then I walked to an acquaintance … “

Make you think twice about becoming an internet celeb? []