Do You Prefer To Talk About Your Problems With People Or Pets?

It’s pretty normal for people to talk to their pets — I do it all the time — but is it OK for humans to prefer sharing their problems with their dog, rather than, say, their spouse? A slightly disturbing new survey of more than 1,000 pet owners found that 33 percent of married women said their pets are better listeners than their husbands. It’s true, men can sometimes act a little distracted when you’re talking to them, but my dog often tries to change the subject by dropping a toy nonchalantly at my feet instead of sitting there attentively, taking in what I’m saying. Since there’s no way to know whether pets are in fact paying attention, we can’t really be sure who’s the better listener, men or animals. It’s hopeful to know that the same survey found that just 8 percent of pet owners actually talk to their animals about personal problems. I say this is hopeful because hopefully they’re talking about their problems with a person, anyone, rather than ignoring whatever’s bothering them, because even Fido’s advice would be better than nothing. [AJC]

Does talking to your pets help you solve personal problems, or does it simply make you a crazy cat (or dog) person?

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