Bees Stay At Fancy Hotels For The Price Of Their Honey

What would entice you to stay at a hotel? Free breakfast? Fancy toiletries in the bathroom? A pool? Bees? That last one seems crazy, right? But at least two hotel chains have apiaries. Six Fairmont hotels have them, including the ones in Vancouver, Toronto, and Washington, D.C, and the Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte, N.C. keeps 40,000 honeybees on its roof.

Both the Fairmont and the Ritz include the honey their bees produce on their food and drink menus: honey yogurt and a cheese plate with honeycomb at the Ritz, and cocktails, desserts, and entrees at the Fairmonts, with extra honey being sold in the hotel stores. And, according to the beekeeper at the Ritz, guests needn’t worry about getting stung. “Only thing honeybees are trying to do is work and bring food and pollen and help the hive survive,” Randall York told The Charlotte Observer. Guests can even take tours at several of the Fairmont locations to watch the bees at work.

It’s cool that these big hotel chains are producing some of their own food (the Ritz’s energy-saving roof also features a chef’s garden), but don’t you wonder how guests feel about this added amenity? The fresh-from-the-hive honey must taste amazing; however, do the bees keep to themselves, or do they like to hang by the pool? [The Charlotte Observer via Jauntsetter, Luxist]