Axe Undie Run Challenge Encourages Charity, Girls In Panties

If you thought the Boobquake was a stupid activist statement, hold onto your panties! No, seriously, hold onto your panties: Axe Body Spray is hosting the “Axe Undie Run Challenge” at 10 colleges around the country to see who can donate the most clothes to local homeless charities … and also, to get a bunch of 18-year-old freshman girls half-naked on the quad. Yes, throughout the month of May the brightest minds of our generation (Arizona State University, University of Washington, Ohio State University, etc.) will strip down down to their undies and jog around campus, you know, for charity. At some point — it’s unclear when — the clothing donation actually happens. But, hey, let’s focus on what’s more important here: half-naked college kids! Ugh.

You’ve just gotta laugh at the utter ridiculousness of this commercial. But I think I might go cry instead. []