Who Is NeNe Leakes’ New Man?

According to Radar, NeNe Leakes’ marriage to Greg is pretty much over—the two haven’t lived together in months. They say NeNe has a new man, and it’s not Anderson Cooper. According to the site, NeNe is dating NFL star Charles Grant. The two met at a fundraiser about a year and a half ago and have been seeing each other since. So who is this guy? Find out after the jump. Hint: he’s a New Orleans Saint who will soon be going on trial for manslaughter, i.e., a real catch!

  • Charles Grant is a NFL defensive lineman. He’s huge—6’3″ and 290 pounds. He’s has played for the New Orleans Saints since 2002. However, because of an injury, he didn’t get to play in this year’s Super Bowl.
  • Grant is now a free agent, and is reportedly hoping to sign with the Atlanta Falcons to be closer to NeNe. According to one source, “NeNe is now the main bread winner and she wants a more lavish lifestyle which is something that Grant could give her if he lands a multi-million dollar new contract.”
  • In February 2008, Grant was at a Georgia club when a fight broke out. During the fight, Grant was stabbed in the neck. He was fine. But a 23-year-old pregnant woman named Korynda Reed wasn’t as lucky—she was shot during the fight and died. Grant has never been thought to be the shooter, but he and several others have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for participating in the fight. His trial begins May 3.
  • Later that same year, Charles was suspended for four games for using a diuretic. He said it was in a diet pill he was taking, but some said diuretics can be used to cover up steroid use.
  • Grant is a bit younger than NeNe. He is 31 while she is 42.
  • Grant also loves music. He started From the Ground Up Records with two other NFL friends.
  • According to one of NeNe’s friends, Greg wants to stay with NeNe. “He really loves NeNe and he wants to save the marriage but they have a lot of problems right now,” the source said. “She has told friends that she has developed strong feelings for Grant and that does not bode well for her marriage.” [Radar]

Oh NeNe, have you learned nothing from Sheree’s failed marriage to a NFL star?