Quotable: Newspaper Columnist Says Sexual Harassment Victims Should “Deal With It”

“Hey, we’ve all been there. Those things happened to every one us in our earlier days. But that was before the world became so litigious. We’ve each endured some too tight hug or some slob whose hand wandered where it shouldn’t. Deal with it. That’s what we did in our younger, prettier days. Dealt with it. In some cases, sticking a pen in the guy’s lower belly and whispering politely, ‘Try that again, pal, and you’ll have to go to Emergency to pee,’ worked just fine.”

New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, in the piece “Sexual Harassment: Deal With It,” about TV reporter Adele Sammarco, who recently lost a sexual harassment lawsuit against her bosses. Really, who needs laws when we can poke a guy with a pen? Just be sure to do it “politely.” [NY Post]