Protesting Abortion Rights: There’s An App For That!

You have to hand it to the American Life League (an anti-abortion organization) for coming up with a clever way to draw attention to their cause: they thought up the dumbest name for an iPhone app, ever. The “Yo, Where’s The Shirt?” app is part of the group’s second annual Photo Scavenger Hunt. Smart phone-wielding abortion opponents can upload pictures of themselves wearing a T-shirt with a “pro-life” slogan (ALL sells ones that read “It’s OK To Be Pro-Life” or “Abortion Kills A Person”) to earn “points” for engaging in various activities.Activities include chalking “pro-life messages” on the sidewalk; standing in front of the Supreme Court; “sidewalk counseling in front of an abortion mill” (translation: yelling at women entering a Planned Parenthood clinic); holding a baby; or participating in a “pro-life march.” There’s 200 tasks for an activist to complete — some abortion-related, some not — and the winner gets an iPod touch.

The Photo Scavenger Hunt and Yo, Where’s The Shirt? app are supposed to be in celebration of National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week, which is happening now from April 27 to May 3. All things considered, I’d rather abortion opponents take pictures of each other in “pro-life” T-shirts than stand outside abortion clinics and tell people they’re going to hell. []