Pam Grier Had A Cocaine Problem And Didn’t Even Know It

In the book Foxy: My Life in Three Acts, Pam Grier recounts a conversation she had with her gynecologist in the ’70s. A little questioning from her doc yielded the source of the cocaine residue coating Pam’s cervix and vagina — allegedly Richard Pryor! Check out the retelling of this story from an excerpt of her book after the jump.

“He said, ‘Pam, I want to tell you about an epidemic that’s prevalent in Beverly Hills right now. It’s a buildup of cocaine residue around the cervix and in the vagina. You have it. Are you doing drugs?’

‘No,’ I said, astonished.

‘Well, it’s really dangerous,’ he went on. ‘Is your partner putting cocaine on his penis to sustain his erection?’

‘No,’ I said, ‘not that I know of. It’s not like he has a pile of cocaine next to the bed and he dips his penis in it before we have sex.’ I had a nauseating flash of one of Richard’s famous lines: Even my dick has a cocaine jones.

‘Are you sure he isn’t doing it in the bathroom before he comes to bed?’ the doctor asked.

‘That’s a possibility,’ I said. ‘You know, I am dating Richard Pryor.’

‘Oh, my God,’ he said. ‘We have a serious problem here. If he’s not putting it on his skin directly, then it’s worse because the coke is in his seminal fluid.’ “

Pam reportedly had a six-month affair with Richard in the ’70s. That’s a lot of painful sex to endure — you know, assuming that cocaine in the vagina would be irritating since I fortunately have no experience with this “epidemic.” [Jezebel via Celebitchy]