Michael Lohan, The Latest To Be WikiPranked

I have an inner 5-year-old. And this inner 5-year-old totally thinks it’s funny when people prank Wikipedia. Take for example, one jokester who amended Michael Lohan’s Wikipedia page on Monday. After the whole bringing-cops-to-Lindsay’s-apartment kerfuffle last week, Lindsay had Tweeted, “My dad is crazy!!” And so in lieu of adding actual info about Michael to the page, this person made the page read, “My dad is crazy!! My dad is crazy!! My dad is crazy!!” over and over again. Yes, it’s juvenile. But also funny. [Radar]

After the jump, other stars who’ve had their Wikipedia pages tampered with.

  • When the Jonas Brothers awoke one morning, it was discovered that most of the information on their Wikipedia page had been deleted. In its place: “The jonas brothers have genital warts.” If this person wanted to get it by the censors, they should’ve capitalized. [PopCrunch]
  • A classic example — someone added the following to U2’s page: “Pretentious and utterly tedious, the band has re-recorded their first hit single ‘Gloria gloria over and over again’ many thousands of times with different titles and a new chord here and there, thus acquiring an enormous and enormously dim fanbase. They are politically wanky in human rights causes.” [Wikipedia]
  • Last year, someone amended Kanye West’s page to say that he had died on October 21, 2009. Okay, so that’s not so funny. This was post the Taylor Swift incident, so we suspect one of her fans was to blame. [Urban Legends]
  • Ron Livingston, who you know as the guy from “Office Space” who dumped Carrie Bradshaw on a Post-It, was so annoyed by his Wikipedia prankster that he decided to sue. This jokester keeps on amending his profile to say that he is gay and in a relationship with a man named “Lee Dennison.” Only, Livingston is straight and married to actress Rosemarie DeWitt. [StarPulse]
  • Al Gore’s page was once pranked. Someone added this section: “The Three Laws of Al Gore: 1. Al Gore may not harm a human being, or allow a human being to be harmed. 2. Al Gore must obey the orders given by the human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. Al Gore must protect his own existence, as long as such protection does not conflict the First or Second Law.” Ha. [Wikipedia]
  • This one was subtle. On Regis Philbin’s page, someone added the name of a single the TV host supposedly sang — “Frosty the Dopeman remix feat. NWA.” Nice. [Wikipedia]