John Edwards Scheduled To Give A Sworn Testimony About His Affair With Rielle Hunter

Mark your calendars for May 13, folks, and not because it’s the day after my birthday. On the 13th, John Edwards will be taking the stand in the case of Rielle Hunter versus Andrew Young. Back in January, Young started yapping about a sex tape of Edwards and Hunter that he had in his possession. Hunter sued Young for invasion of privacy, demanding that he return the tape along with several other personal items. After five hearings, it appears that he has done so. But the case is not over yet. Edwards himself will have to take the stand. He will no doubt be asked about the infamous tape, and about his relationship with Hunter in general. Where all this gets especially tricky is that Edwards is also being investigated by a federal grand jury, to determine whether he used any federal campaign funds to keep Hunter quiet and hide her from the media.

Meanwhile, Hunter will have to give her deposition in the case, too—her lawyers are currently working hard to make sure her statement is sealed. And on May 24, a surprise witness will be called—many think it will be Elizabeth Edwards. Oh, the drama. [The Daily Beast]