Hugh Hefner Saves The Hollywood Sign And Subsequently, The World

We all know that Hugh Hefner is an American hero, but now he’s gone even further by single-handedly (kinda) saving the Hollywood sign! The land around the sign is known as Cahuenga Park and was originally owned by Howard Hughes who wanted to build a house for Ginger Rogers there. Then he sold it to some Chicago-based developers who wanted to build luxury homes or a new hotel, but offered to sell the 138 acres to Los Angeles if they could round up $12.5 million in a week. Lots of Angelenos, studios, and actors gave money but they were still $1 million short until Hef fronted $900,000 … on top of what he’d already donated, to finalize the deal. The Trust for Public Land has donated Cahuenga Peak to the Los Angeles park system. Thank goodness! I can’t imagine living in Hollywood without the Hollywood sign—it makes me blissfully happy every time I see it. And I would have had to find a new clichéd make out spot. [NPR]