From The “Hogan” To The “Hitler,” Decode How Trustworthy He Is By Beard Style

For the fashionably apathetic dude, expression through clothing is hardly ever intentional. This is often why guys turn to the one area of manliness they can sculpt and curate with care (or just out of sheer boredom): Facial hair. To gauge what type of a person he is through his chin pubes, there’s this handy chart, “The Trustworthiness of Beards,” which indicates whether he’s an A-OK man (the Philosopher Beard, the Abe Lincoln Chin Strap) or a bad seed (the Soul Patch, the Hitler ‘stache). At the safer end of the spectrum, beards are classified by tags like “Very Trustworthy” and “Neutral.” As you go along, certain whisker styles pass from “Unsavory” to “Threatening,” to the worst—”Dangerous.”

Ladies, study with care. After the jump, a larger portion of the chart. [via Urban Outfitters Blog]