DIY Coffee Lid Art Project

We’ve always been a little skeptical about the idea of making “art” out of garbage. Ribbon and a headband? Yes. A bit of old chain and the brooch your grandma gave you? Definitely. Two-day-old coffee filters and a sandwich wrapper? Maybe not. That said, we’ve got to give props to the guy who realized that disposable coffee cup lids and a few pieces of cardstock would look really cool together. Cop his style by saving your next dozen or so lids, picking up some of this paper and going to town. All you have to do is cut uniform squares slightly larger than your largest lid, hot glue the lids in the center of the squares you’ve cut and mount them at an even distance on a larger piece of colored cardboard backing. Mount that bitch on your wall and immediately become craftier than your friends. [Advertising Is Good For You]

Tags: art, coffee, diy style