Album Drop: This Week’s New Releases, From The Mynabirds To Hole

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means, folks, it’s time for some fresh jams! This week, our fave electric guitar-slinging kook (and major blabbermouth), Courtney Love, claims Hole for drug money and glory. The Eastern Block is rallying with Gogol Bordello and the Balkan Beat Box. Jesse Malin & Saint Mark’s Social glam up life in New York like they’re the rock version of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Two Door Cinema drops a hot redhead. Avi Buffalo is the new Beach Boy. And the sweet Mynabirds are taking us higher, down south, and back to the ‘60s. So get those headphones on, ’cause we’re gonna rock out, after the jump!

Mynabirds, What We Lose In The Fire, We Gain In The Flood
Ring ‘60s Nashville revival in right here in 2010.

Hole, Nobody’s Daughter
Courtney Love may be hard on the eyes, but she’s easier on the ears … and a total badass. Sure, it’s not really Hole without Melissa Auf Der Mar. So, if you miss her, just check out her new killer album too.

Gogol Bordello, Transcontinental Hustle
Garbled eastern European party muzak.

Jesse Malin & St. Mark’s Social, Love It To Life
Despite the title, the album is totes non-cheeseball. It’s the kinda optimistic rock you can get behind. It’s looking up, just like things on the Bowery.

Balkan Beat Box, Blue Eyed Black Boy
An Eastern European marching band gets funky fresh with hip-hop.

Avi Buffalo, Self-titled
Ethereal surf rock awesomeness.

Two Door Cinema Club, Tourist History
Super pop with a clap and a hot ginger.