30 Things That Make A Woman Feel Beautiful

Look, I’m not going to deny how great it can feel when a man tells a woman she’s beautiful (or any word that’s like “beautiful,” for that matter) — especially if it’s someone she’s equally attracted to/interested in/likes/loves/respects/cares for. As for being told her body’s hot by someone she’s just met? Well, let’s just say we seem to have a difference of opinion on the matter. For the record, I think any mention of a woman’s bod right off the bat is totally creepy and inappropriate, but I respect that some of you disagree. What we can all agree on, though, (I hope!) is that there are lots more things that make a woman feel beautiful than simply being told so by a guy. Check out 30 of those things after the jump.

  1. A wonderful night’s sleep.
  2. Wearing killer heels.
  3. Exchanging marriage vows with the person she loves.
  4. Having great sex.
  5. Getting a massage.
  6. Exchanging glances with a handsome stranger on the street.
  7. Bright lipstick.
  8. An orgasm.
  9. Holding a newborn baby.
  10. Dancing up a sweat.
  11. Getting a pedicure.
  12. A good candid picture.
  13. Sitting in the romantic glow of candle light.
  14. Baking on the beach with sand between her toes.
  15. Having a great tan.
  16. Riding her bike on a beautiful day.
  17. Getting a facial.
  18. Successfully cooking a kick-ass recipe.
  19. Snuggling on a Saturday morning in nothing but a thin nightgown.
  20. Having her hair did at the salon.
  21. Making out with someone.
  22. Those first few hours after bikram when she feels proud, strong, limber and glowy.
  23. Wearing a really sexy perfume.
  24. Hitting her stride in a long jog.
  25. Fitting into her skinny jeans after weeks of diet and exercise.
  26. Hearing her kid say “Mama” for the first time.
  27. Traveling through Italy.
  28. Receiving flowers.
  29. A great bra.
  30. A dress that fits like a glove.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Photos: iStockphoto