What 10 Scandal Mavens Did After The Dust Settled

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It was bad enough when Rachel Uchitel got a reporter gig on “Extra,” but now, Tiger Woods‘ first mistress is shopping around a reality show called “Romancing Rachel.” Apparently, Rachel needs a dating show because it’s hard to meet guys when you’re part of a scandal. One of the producers helping her out is “Jersey Shore” and “The Bachelor” producer Scott Jeffress and VH1 and Oxygen are considering taking them on. [TMZ] I’m sure you’re just as pissed off as I am that sleeping with married men seems to be one of the best career moves a woman can make these days. What has our culture come to when it celebritizes and continues to promote the mistress route? Just for fun, we caught up with 10 of the most infamous scandal mavens to see what they did once their secret affairs became less secret.
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