Bret Michaels Is Still In Intensive Care

Yes, it was a great weekend. But there was one dark cloud hanging over it—the fact that Bret Michaels, the frontman of Poison and Romeo of “Rock of Love,” had a massive brain hemorrhage and was in intensive care for the past three days. The latest news is that Bret is conscious, but he remains in the ICU, where doctors will continue testing to find the source of the bleeding. His speech is slurred, his vision is blurry, and he’s feeling intense dizziness. “[It] will be touch and go for the next few days while he is under intense observation,” a source told People.All this comes after the emergency appendectomy Bret had earlier this month, and on top of the diabetes he’s kept under control since he was a kid. After the appendectomy, Bret said, “It’s a wake up call to be a little bit more diligent on keeping control of my health.” Then on Wednesday, he wrote on his blog, “I’m feeling right about in the middle right now on a scale of 1 to 10. I’m not 100% yet. I have to get my blood sugar back in order, because it’s been all over the place because every day I’ve been real active and you’re not supposed to move around yet.” The next day, at his house, he got a mega headache. A source said Bret explained it as “getting hit in the head with a baseball bat over and over again.”

Bret, get well soon! We want a “Rock of Love 4,” OK?

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