Shopping Guide: 10 Interview-Ready Dresses

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Those of you who are in college are already developing a gnawing feeling in the pits of your stomachs. That feeling, kiddies, is dread, and it may very well have something to do with being a real grown-up for the first time. And what comes with your new grown-up status? A damn job, that’s what. Regardless of how great your resume is, if you don’t also look the part, you’re probably not going to get the spot. But there’s good news, too: a couple of kick-ass interview outfits will help you evolve from sending out resumes to acing interviews and setting up your new desk. We believe in keeping it really simple with a dress and maybe a cropped cardigan. And remember: an inch above the knee is about as high as you should go, nip slips shouldn’t be even a remote possibility, and the person interviewing you shouldn’t be able to see your thong through that tight, tight dress. [$99, DKNY, Bloomingdale’s]
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