The Worst “Sorry I Didn’t Call” Excuses We’ve Ever Gotten

Why do guys say they’ll call and then never pick up the freaking phone? We may never know the real reasons, but we’ve heard some pretty lame excuses, from technical glitches to pet problems. Click through to read 10 ways men have tried to justify not calling. What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard?

“One of the worst lines I’ve gotten was ‘I slept with a girl who reminded me of you when you were out of town because I missed you so much. I was with her when I was supposed to call you.’ — Shirley, St. Augustine, FL

” ‘I couldn’t call you because my dog was throwing up.’ Um … sure.” — Shirley, St. Augustine, FL

“I dated a guy who told me he was going up to NYC for a day to visit his friends. He disappeared for three days and no one, not even his parents, knew where he was. His excuse, upon his return, was that when he got to NYC, his friends took him on a surprise skiing trip that they hadn’t told him about because he was broke, and they didn’t want him to feel guilty and not come because he had no money. He said he was just too busy to pick up the phone and let anyone know where he was.” — Stephanie, Runnemede, NJ

“I usually don’t even get a ‘Sorry I didn’t call.’ I get more of a ‘Hey’ and after I address the fact that he didn’t call when he said he would, I get a, ‘Did I say I’d call? Oh.’ Then, the conversation transitions to a new topic. Needless to say, those types of exchanges don’t make for a lasting relationship.” — Elizabeth, Denver

“One guy I dated said his phone had been shut off for non-payment. Too bad he’d called a friend of mine the night before and asked him to come over for a beer.” — Anne, Ephrata, PA

“There was a really cute guy who I clicked with when we were hanging out with mutual friends. I was looking forward to going on a date with him that weekend and he said he would call me. A couple of weeks later, I ran into him and he looked happy to see me and wanted to get together. He said he’d been meaning to call, but had been busy with his friends. Lame. I told him I was already seeing someone else.” — Lisa, Nashville

“I had a date with a guy who never showed up. He called me collect the next day to say he was on the road and had to leave for an urgent family matter. Later that night I saw him on the news—he had shot his uncle and was in jail. When I got the collect call charges, he was indeed calling me from jail. The worst part about this was that I believed him! My friends would joke about ‘America’s Most Wanted’ being my dating show.” — Rochelle, Westfield, MA

“My boyfriend told me he didn’t call before he went to sleep because he was out with friends and his cell phone battery died. Considering that all his friends have phones and there was a pay phone in the bar, it was a pretty lame excuse. To this day I still think he was trying to cover something up.” — Gabriela, Pomona, CA

“It’s not so much that the guy didn’t call. It’s that he blatantly called when he knew I was away for the holidays and left a message on my house phone, even though he had my cell phone number. When I returned his call, he ended it pretty quickly, saying that he had to go back to his studying. That was my big clue that we weren’t going anywhere.” — Andrea, Rochester, NY

“Years ago, a guy told me ‘Sorry I didn’t call. My girlfriend wouldn’t let me.’ Huh? I didn’t answer the next time he did call.” — April, Houston