The Average Woman Dates 24 Men Before Settling Down

This may make all of the serial daters out there feel a little bit better. Or, ahem, make me feel better. A new survey done in the U.K. found that the average woman goes on about 24 dates before she finds a keeper. And to add a little more solace—seven percent of the more than 2,000 women polled went on between 41 and 60 dates before finding someone special and one percent went on a staggering 61 to 80 dates before finding Prince Charming. Geez, no wonder we get so sick and tired of dating. That’s a lot frogs.The poll also found that one-third of the women surveyed have ditched out on a date when they knew the guy was lame. (Raises hand.) One out of four women will only go out with a guy once before she determines if he’s Mr. Right, while 35 percent will give a dude two dates, and 16 percent think three dates is fair.

And this dating business costs us, too. On average, the research found that we spent about $3,000 on dating, mostly on getting our hair did and buying new clothes and stuff. I wonder what that figure would be for the guys?

Moral of story: dating is hard and you have to pick through the proverbial haystack to find that needle. I’m waiting for the study to come out that says we can take a pill and it will magically simplify the whole process. When’s that happening again? [Daily Mail]