The Guy With The Craziest Hair Always Wins “Project Runway”

Season seven of “Project Runway” dealt its final “auf wiedersehen” this week. Seth Aaron out-styled Mila and Emilio, further proving my theory that the guy with the most alternative hair on the show has the best chances of winning. Think about it—Seth Aaron’s faux-hawk-punk-rock-side-burn hair thing looks strangely similar to season three winner Jeffrey’s do. Between season one winner Jay McCarroll’s creative hats and the crazy mane of season five’s Christian Siriano, my theory can basically be considered fact.

OK, that’s enough. Something that almost everyone can probably agree on is that Lifetime’s second attempt at hosting the show was much more successful and entertaining than the first. But still, it lacked that Bravo somethin’ somethin’.The finale is a fine example of how “Project Runway” is fizzling out. The Fashion Week drama this time around was the same old missing models crisis, which I always feel is pretty contrived. When the girls aren’t there on time, it makes me think that a producer might be pulling the strings. Regardless of how real the “missing model problem” was, it never seemed like much of a threat. It is Fashion Week—you can reach out your hand and grab five models. The other disappointment was their choice in Faith Hill as guest judge. Now Faith Hill always looks beautiful on the red carpet, but I never associate her with fashion. Unfortunately she didn’t really take the opportunity to prove me wrong. Instead, Hill went the Paula Abdul route, complimenting most of the designers’ looks and not offering any strong criticisms.

So on to the most important part of the show—the clothes. Here is a rundown of the collections and what the judges had to say:

  • Emilio dubbed his collection “Color Me Bad,” but not because he took inspiration from the R&B group and dropped the extra “d.” Emilio did sex up his collection with a mix of bold blues and reds, along with interesting prints. He tried to give the judges something different than his usual dresses, offering coats and business wear. Ironically, it was Emilio’s final gown that ended up being the favorite. Michael Kors described the striking black and gold piece as “absolutely gorgeous.” Nina Garcia described the collection as “quiet but sophisticated.” I thought the colors were a little too loud for either of those adjectives, but I also don’t get paid lots of money to work at Marie Claire, so I am probably wrong. The judges all seemed to agree that Emilio offered the most commercial collection.
  • Mila’s collection looked like … all the clothes Mila has made over the season. She stayed with her usual mod-punk look and depended on black and/or white. Many of the pieces played with stripes and mixing different materials, but mostly it looked like Mila was making clothes for herself. The lack of color and range made it hard to separate the different works. From the start of the episode, Mila seemed destined to be the first to get dumped. The editing of the show made it seem like it was solely a competition between Emilio and Seth Aaron. The judging followed suit—the panel agreed that Mila’s collection was repetitive. While Heidi complimented Mila for loosening up, Michael had this to say, “Whenever you played with shine, it really turned me on.” When I saw the shine on the pieces, I thought dominatrix, so that just made that comment even more awkward.
  • Seth Aaron claimed his collection was inspired by the German military of the ’40s, which is a controversial period to pick. The look worked well, though. Seth Aaron translated it into a series of form-fitting coats and dresses that look like a cross between happy housewives and devilish equestrians, if that makes sense. The collection stuck with Seth Aaron’s usually punk style, but also exhibited some new ideas. All the judges agreed that this was some of the most elegant and expensive-looking work that Seth Aaron had made during the competition. It is nice to see that Hot Topic color and pattern palette can be turned into high fashion. The judges decided to award Seth Aaron the winner, at which point his family came on stage and they all started crying. Cute!

Now, for another year I have to be stuck with the image of Michael Kors and a dominatrix. Shudder. What did you think of the finale? Did Seth Aaron deserve the win?