Redheaded Girl Dyes Hair To Escape Death Threats

OK, this is just absurd: Nicole Nagington, a 12-year-old resident of Telford, England, admits that she’s used to being teased for having red hair. But this school year, the bullying escalated to the point where the girl, who also wears a hearing aid, was forced to drop out of school and be tutored at home. A gang of girls not only physically and mentally tormented her on a regular basis, but they have sent her a total of seven death threats, all because of the color of her hair. The distraught girl even dyed it blond in an attempt to escape the harassment, to which these lovely young ladies responded via a note: “You’re still a ginger b****. All gingers should die.” Where do kids get these crazy ideas? And how is there no law that prohibits this kind of torture? We wish these terrifying girl-on-girl bullying stories would end. [Daily Mail]