Here’s One Way Not To Win An Oscar

It seems the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences didn’t want a controversy similar to the one that ensued after that now-infamous couple crashed a party at the White House. The Academy allegedly went all captor and detainees on a Hollywood newcomer and his wife who thought they had tickets to the 2010 Oscars. Michael Avmen claims he and his wife were “tentatively confirmed” guests, so they went to the awards show under the impression that there were tickets waiting for them at the venue. But then the two were detained when they tried to obtain their tickets. Avmen says they were “held against their will” while being interrogated about how they bypassed security on the red carpet without tickets. He claims they were kept in the Academy’s “detention center” for six hours and accused of lying and trespassing. Avmen has now filed a $50 million lawsuit against the Academy because he claims he and his wife were “injured in health, strength, and activity” and “sustained injury to his and her body and shock and injury to their nervous system.” That’s a pretty hefty sum. He probably won’t care about never winning the actor’s pinnacle if he’s triumphant in this suit. But let’s be real here — this is no way to make friends in Hollywood. Most likely, Avmen’s brief appearances in “Broken Blade,” “Battle: Los Angeles,” and “Straw Dogs” will probably be his last in that town. [PopEater]