Cash & Coupling: Post-Tax Day Dates

Did tax day hit your wallet hard this year? Even if you’re dating on a budget, your social life need not become nonexistent. There are plenty of fun, creative and cheap ideas for dates. Consider these inexpensive recommendations, adjusting them to your personal preferences.

Old-school lawn party. Whip out the croquet set and some picnic sandwiches for a fun afternoon date at the park. Have everyone invited dress the part by putting together a 1920s outfit from clothes they can find around the house.

Mystery-game night. Make a one-time investment by purchasing a mystery party game or simply write your own. Serve snacks instead of dinner, and get a different group of friends together on a number of occasions to maximize the fun and get your money’s worth.

Grocery store run and couples bake-off. Give each couple $5 and 10 minutes at a local grocery store to purchase ingredients. Each couple then uses their ingredients to cook a dinner. Everyone regroups at an understood time and location where a third party will judge the entrées.

Outdoor adventure. Even if you had to pay taxes instead of receiving a refund, the fact that it’s past April 15 still means something good for many of us: Warm weather is either here or coming. After enjoying whatever free and traditional outdoor activities you’d like, such as going on a nature hike or playing ultimate Frisbee, embrace the warmer nights by running through the sprinklers and acting like kids again.

Italian-themed dinner party. By announcing a theme and planning accordingly, you can get away with being a cheapskate as part of the “spirit” of the night. Cook up an inexpensive dish like spaghetti, rent “Roman Holiday” from your local library and let Italian music serenade the happy and budget-conscious couple.

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