The Lederhosen Look Is So Hot (& Sweaty!) For Spring

It’s a trend we’ve naysayed here on the site before (see our “Crazy Spring Trends To Avoid” post ), but the fashion gods have spoken, and the leather shorts trend has officially caught on. While we’ve seen some interesting options from the houses of Chloe, Pucci and Alexander Wang, department store buyers are ordering up the look from Alice + Olivia, The Row and other designers like they’re, ahem, going out of style (which let’s face it, they inevitably will). But right now, it’s the lederhosen’s shining moment, and you can even find a pair for sale at Zara for $99, which is relatively cheap compared to the $3,100 price tag attached to this (pretty trashy-looking, we think) pair by Chrome Hearts, above. While one shop owner insists the shorts are an investment piece, “like a leather jacket,” and others say it’s a work-friendly look (!?), we still have our doubts. Sure, when worn correctly and with a more modest cut–Stacey Bendet of Alice + Olivia recommends pairing with low-heeled shoes and a simple, basic top–the look can be cute. But that doesn’t stop it from being an inherently silly item, period. Shorts, normally the provenance of summer attire, lose their cooling luster in a fabric that’s sure to make thighs sweaty. Even with tights, many winter climates are too cold to make “rocking” this look very fun, and leather in spring seems kind of heavy, no? That leaves fall as the ideal time to bust out the leather shorts, but we predict this trend may have hit its expiration date by then. Thoughts? [WSJ]