Sarah Palin’s Hacked Email Meant Terrifying Calls For Bristol

I don’t know about you, but I might have felt a teeny tiny bit more sympathetic towards the Palins if I knew that, while Sarah Palin was running for vice president in 2008, her email account was hacked and her daughter’s telephone number was posted online. Which resulted in Bristol receiving tons of phone calls and text messages, some of which were really vulgar and creepy. She remembers one in particular from a group of boys who said they were outside her house and wanted to come in. The hacker, former college student David Kernell, 22, is on trial—not for any of the prank calls, but for identity theft, wire fraud, hacking and obstructing an FBI investigation. If convicted, he could get up to 50 years in prison, which seems like a hefty price to pay for a geeky prank like this.

The court proceedings later degraded into a typically Palin-esque fiasco. Bristol complained that she had to go without a cell phone for weeks because she had to sign hers over to FBI officials and couldn’t get another without parental consent. After the trial, Kernell was asked what he thinks of Bristol to which he replied, “She’s not my type.” [AP]