Is A “Jersey Shore” Cast Coup In The Works?

The cast of “Jersey Shore” has barely gotten in a round of GTL as they film season two in Miami, and already rumors are swirling that MTV isn’t pleased with all their guidos and guidettes. An inside source tells the NY Post, “Pauly D already has a contract for season three and Snooki and The Situation will stay. The others could be replaced with even more outrageous characters.” Meaning that Ronnie, Sammi, J-Woww, Angelina, and Vinny could get the heave-ho. “Jersey Shore” producers, by all means get rid of Angelina—we were over her by the time she stormed out of the beach house, garbage bags in hand, last fall. And Ronnie and Sammi have started working our nerves too, with their constant inane fights. But please, please, please do not get rid of Vinny and J-Woww. Sure, they might not be as dramatic as the others, but we need their small doses of sanity. And we need to see J-Woww’s outfit choices. Who else will inspire us to wear bedazzled underwear out into the world as pants?