Courtney Love Becomes “Courtney Michelle,” Plus 10 Other Mid-Career Name Changes

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It’s not uncommon for an aspiring actor or musician to change his or her name to something more appealing. Name changes at the beginning of a career are easy — no one’s heard of you before, so there’s no confusion — but mid-career switches can be confusing. Take Courtney Love … er, Courtney Michelle. Yesterday BBC News reported that the Hole singer told NME magazine she’d like to be addressed by her first and middle names, rather than the stage name she assumed ages ago. “We’ve all decided we don’t like [Courtney Love] any more,” she said. “We love her when she goes onstage, but I don’t need her in the rest of my life.” Then, the star claims NME took her words out of context, but she wouldn’t be the first star to make a change after they’d become a household name (or at least semi-famous). Click through to see what other celebrities switched names mid-career. [via NY Mag]
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