8 Tips For Eco-Friendly Dating

Since today is Earth Day and all, now’s the perfect time to think about — and implement — ways you can be better about reducing, reusing, and recycling. We all know you can shop green, but you can also date green. Click through for eight eco-friendly dating tips.

  1. If you want to wear something new for your rendezvous, borrow something from a friend instead of picking up a throwaway dress at Forever 21.
  2. Pack a gourmet lunch (ingredients grown locally and packed in reusable containers preferred) and head to the nearest park for a picnic.
  3. Go on a double date — carpooling saves gas!
  4. Eat at a restaurant that cares about the environment, whether that means they cook up locally grown, seasonal ingredients, use solar panels for electricity, or set the table with biodegradable products.
  5. Bike or walk together to your evening activity.
  6. Playing a game doesn’t require any electricity or generate any waste. We like Banangrams because it’s amazingly fun, can be played a variety of ways, and comes without excess packaging.
  7. Stroll through a farmer’s market together, and pick up ingredients to make dinner together. Not into cooking? Hit up a flea market instead.
  8. Don’t go anywhere (and turn off the lights).