What’s So Funny About Gwyneth Paltrow Getting Punched In The Face?

I have a sense of humor. I really do. I even defended evil, bad, un-feminist Tina Fey when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” recently. But, sorry Onion News Network, I don’t crack a smile at this fake news clip, “Iron Man 2 Buzz Heats Up Over Rumors Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Punched In Face.” What, exactly, is funny about the idea of Gwyneth Paltrow getting punched in the face? I get that it’s a meta-comment about how violence against women (whether actual violence or just the threat of it) is in every big blockbuster movie. Like, “the buzz heats up” because people just can’t wait to see even more glorification of violence … more women in peril getting saved by Robert Downey, Jr./Arnold Schwarzenegger/Bruce Willis … more explosions! Yeah, dude!

But it’s indistinguishable, considering there are a lot of people who think the GOOP Queen is pretty damn annoying and, haha, it would be funny to see her get her comeuppance, wouldn’t it? But violence against women is still a scourge on our society. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence says [PDF] one in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime and 85 percent of all domestic violence victims are women. I don’t think society is ready yet to make jokes about it.