The Victim In Heather Locklear’s Hit-And-Run: A Speed Limit Sign

When I saw the headline “Heather Locklear Arrested For Hit-And-Run,” it immediately conjured up images of handcuffs and Brandy’s car wreck a few years ago that left one man dead. Thankfully, the line is just misleading. On Friday night at 4 a.m., a resident in Westlake, California, heard a crash. Later in the day, they went out front and saw that a street sign had been knocked over. Police investigated to find the car that had crashed into it—and they determined that the vehicle in question was none other than Heather Locklear’s black BMW. She was given a hit-and-run citation, which counts as an “arrest” in California, though it’s questionable whether she was the one driving at the time or whether she was in the car at all. The only reason this could be a tad bit salacious is that Heather actually was arrested in 2008 for driving under the influence of prescription meds. She received three years of probation—this could potentially be a violation.

And if you were worried about that poor, broken street sign, have no fear. It’s already been replaced. [TMZ]