“Sorry, Ma’am, You Can’t Wear That Princess Dress Here,” Says Disneyland Paris

A beautiful spring day in Disneyland Paris

Natasha Narula, age 36, who is wearing an old wedding dress with a tiara
Drew, age 8, who is wearing a little girl’s princess dress
“Jacques,” a Disneyland Paris security guard who seems like kind of a jerk

Jacques The Security Guard: Madame? Pardon, madame? You cannot wear that princess dress here.Natasha Narula: But I came all the way from Coventry, England! And I spent $1,650 on a three-night mini-break! We did it just so my daughter and and I could wear princess dresses together and celebrate my birthday!

Jacques The Security Guard: Mais non! Your dress is too pretty! You will confuse the other children in the park who will think you are a princess.

Natasha Narula: But it’s actually just an old bridal gown that I’m wearing! And I’m not wearing any makeup, either! Really, I don’t even look like any of the Disney princesses.

Jacques The Security Guard: Non! Out of the park you go!

Brutal, isn’t it? Just wait till 8-year-old Drew grows up and finds out that “Some Day Your Prince Will Come” stuff is a bunch of B.S. too! [News.com.au]